Peak Pinball and Jukebox Repair

Welcome to Peak Pinball and Jukebox, serving Colorado and specializing in electronic repair of pinball machines and jukeboxes.  My name is Randy and I founded Peak Pinball after over 30 years of work in the field of electronics design and engineering.

Pinball Repair

I repair pinball machines from all eras, both electromechanical (roughly before 1978) and solid state-machines (roughly after 1978). This includes replacing bulbs, rubber parts and cleaning playfields. With solid-state machines, I can troubleshoot down to the component level and perform circuit board repair of all types. Also, I have the ability to update your ROMs for the latest versions of firmware.

Jukebox Repair

I work on all brands of jukeboxes that play records (not CDs) either with solid-state or tube amplifiers.  I have the ability to rebuild amplifiers, replacing the capacitors if needed which deteriorate with age. In the past, I’ve done complete restorations on jukeboxes made in the late 1940’s, the Golden Age of jukeboxes.

Locations Served

I will come to your location. No need to pack up that heavy thing and bring it to me.  I generally serve the area from Denver to Fort Collins.  If you’re outside of this area, contact me and we can make arrangements.

Contact Me

Contact me and let me know what make and model you have and what problems it has.  Also let me know when are good days/times to come by and repair it.  Since most jukeboxes and pinball machines are now in private homes, Saturday appointments are currently offered.

I accept most credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover), as well as payment by cash or check.